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Titanium Jewelry Made in South Africa


titanium wedding rings for men

Hand made titanium rings and jewellery.

bunchofring_smallMost of the titanium rings are available in different combinations of Titanium and precious metals. The picture and description will tell what you are ordering. If you want a different combination please use the "contact us" form and we will quote you. You will need to give us the code, carat of inlay you want and the ring size.

Titanium rings cannot be re-sized - so please make sure that your size is correct. Remember that we hand make these rings according to your order - if you get your size wrong we cannot refund you!

We make all sizes - yes, even Z plus 12 - so it doesn't matter how big your finger is - we can help. The prices quoted on the website are for standard men's sizes - very big ring sizes and very small titanium ring sizes can cost more - and if you want a gold inlay or platinum inlay this can be substantially more.
So, whether you want a titanium wedding band or an every day titanium ring with style, we can make it. Our ranges include great grooms gifts and bridesmaid gifts.

We do make personalised titanium rings and cuff links - if you have a special design in mind send us the details and we will give you a quote. If you would like a titanium engagement ring set with diamonds or other gemstones - let us know. Black diamonds in titanium look fantastic. We offer a free engraving service if you buy a ring from us!

Titanium is very hard - but not so hard that it will not scratch if you really abuse your ring. It will not gouge like silver or gold and will not bend out of shape. It is 5 times harder than gold! DO not believe the nonsense about not being able to cut a titanium ring off in case of a problem - this is not true. Any jeweller with a fret saw will be able to remove it without a problem - you can see more information at by searching on google.